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As Blige strode onstage to chants of “Go Mary! Go Mary!” the 45

In terms of ticket sales, the pairing has proven to be a resounding success so far, and the Bluff City was no exception with a capacity crowd filling up the Downtown venue (save for a pair of rear upper deck sections which had been blocked off).That a union of urban music megastars should pack houses isn’t surprising though the decision to have Maxwell close the concert felt like a surprise, and maybe a miscalculation. By any metric, Blige is the bigger and more veteran star, having started her career five years earlier and sold something like five times as many records.Moreover, she’s the type of artist who inspires a deep personal devotion among her faithful, and the crowd overwhelmingly female and almost exclusively African American reflected this. Rarely has FedExForum been witness to such an outpouring, such an impassioned exchange between artist and audience as the one that took place between Blige and her fans Sunday night.As Blige strode onstage to chants of “Go Mary! Go Mary!” the 45 year old hip hop diva clad in a leather halter top and bejeweled New York Yankees baseball cap was ready to deliver communion.

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