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Chiodo said the local economy would be hurt if there is a

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fake oakleys Earthquakes and tremors occur regularly. There is a risk of tsunamis when earthquakes strike along the Pacific coastline. Aftershocks are still occurring, and may be felt for weeks. And at every turn they’ve told us no,” Chiodo said.Chiodo said the local economy would be hurt if there is a strike.”First, at the Windsor Assembly Plant, 4,500 [employees], thousands of families and then it affects all of our feeder plants throughout this community,” Chiodo said.Oakley management has indicated they’ll meet again Thursday in a last ditch effort to avoid a strike, Chiodo said. The union is ready to go back to the bargaining table at any time.In April, a short strike at Dakkota Integrated Systems in Lakeshore, Ont., brought production of minivans to a halt. The strike lasted less than 24 hours fake oakleys.

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