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I was definitely fired up a little bit

However the ending saved everything. If, heaven forbit, this is Carlin last HBO special that was the way to go out. The same way you came in, great. “We’re picked to finish first, something that I guess is better than the alternative,” said Wilson, whose three Division I NCAA teams did not begin the season No. 1. “Our league is that tight that anything can happen and I think we’ve proven that over the last two years.

South of Crescent City, I stopped at a burl shop. There, a fragile man sorted pieces of driftwood. He looks older than his 62 years and lives in a shack behind the shop. Be aware of the star ranking system; as this doesn’t always mark the hotel facilities in terms of quality. A place can have great facilities and is a complete dive or have the basics but has a really nice quality to it. This is why staying at recommended hotels is great value.

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