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Judging from demand for tickets to the March 2 rematch between

This style of play had its supporters, many of them in the press, who decided on “strenuous hockey” as the operative euphemism for on ice assault; those who objected to violent hockey were dubbed “squealers,” a minority who would become hockey Mensheviks. Judging from demand for tickets to the March 2 rematch between the Silver Seven and Wanderers, the squealers were in the minority. The Ottawa Evening Journal ran a story declaring that “no more exciting scenes have been witnessed in Ottawa for many a long day than those of the early hours of this morning, when thousands of people fought for tickets for the Ottawa Wanderer hockey match.” It appeared on the front page..

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Parkin, published in the Gazette yesterday morning, in which Mr. Parkin suggests, as an addition to a list of “safety rules,” advocated by the Little Rock Auto Club, that one autoist closely following another should blow his horn ahead of his approach, C. R.

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