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Maitland MP Jenny Aitchison will write to new Roads Minister Melinda Pavey in a bid to enact “evidence based thinking” over.She said an email chain revealed through freedom of information laws, which was obtained by the NSW Labor Party and passed on to Fairfax Media, showed the government was not serious about fixing the flood prone stretch.”My concern is that the spin was giving the minister a way out and a way they could spin it to the community,” Ms Aitchison said.”Bureaucrats wouldn’t be writing emails like that unless they felt that was the perspective of the minister.”Duncan Gay never encouraged anything to happen.”Ms Aitchison said the population increase in housing estates at Gillieston Heights was one of many reasons why the stretch should be fixed.”Since the government has been elected there has been a massive increase in the population in that area and people are still building there it’s beyond a joke now,” she said.”It’s commuter time, people who use the road to get to work are spending more time in their cars when its flooded.”Ms Aitchison believes the government doesn’t want to fix the problem until a member of their party is the local MP.She will write to Ms Pavey and urge her to fix the problem.Government ‘spins’ Testers actionOVERDUE: Great granddaughter of William Tester June Hirst believes the flooding problem should have been fixed long ago. Picture: Jonathan CarrollFRUSTRATION: Cliftleigh resident Sonia Warby and daughter Kirra lea after the January 2016 storm closed for almost five days. Was blocked for almost five days in January 2016.

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