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whenever that is we will be ready

On February 27, management unilaterally went ahead with the introduction of 55 cost cutting measures. Many workers face a 30 percent cut in take home pay and overtime pay, which many drivers depend on. Over the past years, bus drivers and other transport workers have suffered a steady decline in pay and conditions due to the collaboration of the unions with the employers, often through the Labour Court and the Works Relations Commission (WRC).

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Really similar to the military in the way of the camaraderie, said Gimli. It like when we get together it like a family meeting. Retired 24 years ago, a long time, but you lose something when you leave, said Mark Correll Sr. “I know it seems like a negative perspective in what could be a great day for Connacht rugby. But I think Connacht have been treated shockingly. It is as if the province is a hobby for the IRFU.

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