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Shove the snake as far as you can

After Ocean Colour Scene was 80′s synth pop trio. This was more of a disco feel for the older audience members. Still, all the hits were there and ‘s voice is still in top shape. Shove the snake as far as you can, and using the handle>, rotate it about, and use some push pull action as well. You may have to keep at it for several minutes. Be careful not to be too violent with these motions, as it is possible to damage the drain pipes.

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Osborne announced that a further 144,000 jobs in the public sector are to be lost by 2015 2016. This is on top of the hundreds of thousands already shed since 2010. Osborne boasted that in his review of 2010, “I said then that around half a million posts in the public sector were forecast to have to go.

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