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Students depend on the bus system to go to school

It will follow the current Route 16 but will add 2 additional stops; the intersection of Highway 45 and Branch Street, and the Love’s Truck Stop which will include a stop at the GM hub.Roosevelt Horton, Jr., was catching the bus.When asked what he was going to do, Horton said, “Yeah, I’m hoping to get me some transportation, that’s what’s going to have to happen.”Martin Shinn of Prichard said, “People depend on the bus system to go to work. Students depend on the bus system to go to school. So Cheap Jerseys from china, it’s just a travesty that it’s happening here in Prichard.”A few minutes later, we met Tremayne Hudson getting off the bus at the Eight Mile Shopping Center.Hudson said, “I’m a school student, so I pretty much take the bus to go to school and go to work, and I have to walk like a mile and a half to get here, so it’s like, now I have to walk from my house all the way up there to get to school.”But Reese isn’t within walking distance of where she needs to go.She said, “I’m stuck.

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