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The committee decided to defer the resolution for one week

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fake oakleys NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) The council’s education committee decided late Tuesday afternoon they will not bring up the measure at Tuesday night’s council meeting. The committee decided to defer the resolution for one week while they change some language in it.”There is some rewording that we would like done, and that is basically to request the school system to do an in depth study as quickly as possible to include the possibility of seat belts as well,” said Ed Kindall, chair of the education committee.In that study, council members want the school board to analyze districts that have seat belts on school buses, as well as other safety options, and compare how suitable it would be in Nashville.The Chattanooga school bus crash that killed six children prompted the measure.Some want to add seat belts to Metro buses that already need to be replaced. Others worry about whether they will actually be effective and how to pay for them.Right now, Tennessee law does not require school buses to have seat belts.Recently, Metro Council members Kindall and Karen Johnson sponsored a resolution that would urge the Metro school board to add seat belts to school buses as they replace them.There is still quite a big concern about how to pay for the change fake oakleys.

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