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We arranged to meet at 7pm at Pasta Mania

He said the challenge of the course is what makes the sport special.”The game of golf is about the highs and lows of the sport. And if you try to eliminate some of that, it takes away from some of the core of what the game is about,” Hawthorne said.Some people have reinvented the game to their tastes to generate interest. Paul Scaringe opened the Go Low Indoor Driving Range in Las Vegas to create an experience not available at a traditional, public golf course.”They’re losing a lot of golfers.

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cheap ray ban sunglasses Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, shown during a May 5 rally in West Virginia, said refugees from Syria be the all time great Trojan horse following Sunday mass shooting at a Florida night club. The shooter, Omar Mateen, reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIS before killing 49 people and injuring dozens more in Orlando. Mateen, 29, was born in New York cheap ray ban sunglasses.

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