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When he got a bass guitar on hire purchase, he was in

Instantly, everything in your entire world just changed. All of those overprotective parents you used to make fun of. Make complete and total sense to you now. Soon, both Lennon and (surprisingly) McCartney talked Sutcliffe into joining The Silver Beetles. Stuart had some musical experience: he sung in the church choir, taken piano lessons since he was nine, played the bugle in the Air Training Corps and learned some guitar chords from his father. When he got a bass guitar on hire purchase, he was in..

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“The Wellingtonian,”, I told him, which was only mostly a lie. In truth I’d never set foot in their office, but the editor had agreed to print my piece if he liked it.Stu ordered us a large bottle of a Belgian strong ale called McChouffe, which was rich and sweet and quite obviously the finest beer I’d ever tasted. I sipped it enthusiastically probably too enthusiastically while he told me about the new brewing company he was about to launch with his friend Sam.

The Troop 75 Ohana trickled in and got into the action of serving the Momilani Community. The “Treat” for all of us was seeing meeting the wonderful people dressed up in there Halloween costumes. Hearing and seeing the smiling little children scurry around the candy booths collecting the sugary treats made it a joy.

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Copying the floral pattern on the central column was quite a bit more difficult and tedious. First, match the central vine around the column with the 14AWG wire and tack it down with superglue in a few places. Once the glue is dry, match each of the leaf veins and tack those down with more superglue.

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